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Our Areas

Baby room (0-2 years)

Our experienced and fully qualified staff will ease the transition from home to nursery. Following a routine which is structured around the babies individual needs, the children find it comfortable and safe to play and explore. Babies sleep times and meal times are according to their individual needs; whether food needs to be pureed or mashed, it is freshly prepared by our chef in our kitchen. Children are put to sleep in their own comfortable baskets/ mats with individual sheets and blankets in a relaxing environment. Setting up a wide variety of stimulating activities including messy, treasure baskets and physical throughout each day, children are continuously kept engrossed and motivated to play and learn. Babies also enjoy daily circle times in the cosy book corner, learning sign along, singing and enjoying books with puppets and prompts. At the end of each day each child is given a daily report sheet consisting of sleep times, meals eaten, activities etc.



Over 2's area (3-5 years)

Our open-plan area has the benefit of a carpet area and hard floors. Ensuring activities are planned and set up from all seven areas of learning, we strive to keep them all challenging, allowing children to think critically and ask questions while they explore.

Resources are at children's reach, encouraging them to be independent and allowing choice of play. 

Our preschool area is designed to develop children's confidence, self-esteem and social skills; preparing them for their transition to school.


Sensory area

Filled with a wide range of lighting, some flashing, some changing colour, LED and UV, sensory tubes, large bubble tube, tactile resources, sensory bags, mirrors, soft play and much more, our sensory area is adored by all of our children. Children are delighted to use the stimulating and relaxing environment and enjoy the different sensations through all the different resources.  


Outdoor space

The outdoor space includes a variety of child safe and enjoyable features such as artificial grass, a pebble section and a range of outdoor equipment. Moreover, activities are set up daily according to the seven areas of EYFS.

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